Fort Collins Counseling Center

Established in 1994, the Light of the Rockies Christian Counseling Center has had at its focus the simple notion that everyone in Northern Colorado needed to have the opportunity for affordable mental health care.

Day in and day out, we’ve held to that simple notion. We’ve come alongside people in their distress, offered them counsel, prayer and the hope that only God can offer.  We continue to do so, understanding that in the 21st century, the details of life have multiplied, providing the need for more and more specialized ways of caring for people.

This is why we’re expanding our practice to include more therapists; have hired a Professional Life Coach, while offering a sliding scale to ensure that people who might otherwise go without counseling are able to find good, quality help.

So whether you’re looking for a counselor, a coach or a new workplace, we strongly believe Light of the Rockies is just the place you should consider.  Please contact us to make an appointment to speak with us today.

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