I take the same approach of empowering and supporting the family system in my work with teens as I do with children. I have spent time with teens as a mentor, youth group leader, and counselor and love this population. It is hard to be a teenager in our world today. I am thankful for the opportunity to support, encourage, listen, and guide your teen. Due to my age, I have found it can be easier for teenagers to connect with me and build trust.

When appropriate for the adolescent client, I like to incorporate art therapy and Narrative therapy. I try to learn about the adolescent’s interests in order to relate to them better and build trust in our relationship.

I have worked with Adolescents struggling with:

• Life transitions
• Relationship problems (significant other/family/peers)
• Divorcing parents
• Grief and loss of a loved one
• Process a traumatic event
• Decision making and career planning
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Teen Pregnancies
• Self-Harm/Suicidal thoughts
• Anxiety
• Depression

I look forward to meeting you and your teen and starting our work together!