1. A Letter To Men

    In this month's newsletter, we would like to focus on the mental health needs of men. More specifically, men who may be experiencing depression. Darren Knight-Baughman writes a letter, from the perspe…Read More

  2. Care for Caregivers

    My mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in October of last year, after going to the doctor for back pain. Her illness caught us all by surprise, but none more than my father-in-law, her hus…Read More

  3. Success In Uncertainty

    By Kathryn Hughey, MS, LPC About a month ago, I saw a tweet going around from someone named @Cred_Just_ible in regards to the dust storm headed towards the Southeastern United States. It said, “Awes…Read More

  4. 13 Reasons Why Finale: Zero Reasons to Watch

    By Erin Owens, MA, LPC, CAMS-II The end of 13 Reasons Why is finally here. After four seasons and plenty of backlash, it is such a relief that the mental health frenzy caused by this show is finally o…Read More

  5. Technology, Media and Adolescents

    Prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child. Folk Wisdom, Origin Unknown Long gone are the days that I remember when the best TV one could get was black and white, and then with the adv…Read More

  6. The Art of Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression

    The Art of Mindfulness for Anxiety & Depression Today’s fast-paced world requires so much from each of us. We have emails, calls, meetings, sports, activities, interruptions, presentations, dist…Read More

  7. Conflict and Marriage

    Conflict - what does it say about your marriage and what can you do about it? Each of us has probably heard someone describe that “one couple we know who never fights.” Never has conflict. Never r…Read More