1. 5 Ways to Show Your Child Love

    As humans, I believe we’re made for connection. Connection is vital to feeling loved and accepted.  Kids who feel loved and accepted grow in resilience which helps them bounce back from the hard stuff.  Unfortunately, many parents have no clue how to connect with their kids. I have good news! Connecting is a SKILL and you CAN learn it! It takes consistency and effort, but it is worth it when t…Read More

  2. 5 Tips For A Better Holiday Season

    The Holidays bring up a myriad of emotions: Joy, peace, contentment, and even grief, loneliness, sadness, and intense anxiety. Or all of them at once. As a transplant to Colorado, I experience the pang of homesickness. Going ‘home” for the holidays is not an option, and so the Holidays are spent with just the four of us. For someone used to big family functions, I have, in the past, found myse…Read More

  3. The After-School Meltdown

    by Kathryn Hughey, LPC I have four words for you: After School Restraint Collapse. I always knew it was a real thing, I just didn’t know it had a name! Let’s set the stage, shall we:  Your kid comes home, and tells you they had a fantastic day, which is further confirmed by their teachers. You may frequently hear the words: “Your child is so sweet and helpful!” or some variation of how gr…Read More

  4. Counseling for Trauma

    written by Chris Bassett, MA, LMFT For those who have dealt with trauma of some kind (car accident, witnessing a tragedy, house fire, military duty, sexual assault or physical assault, and other distressing life experiences), EMDR is a kind of therapy that can be used to help the brain handle the event in a more adaptive way. After a traumatic event, people often deal with symptoms of PTSD (Post-T…Read More