Fort Collins Marriage Counseling

When you come for marriage or couples counseling, our counselors want you to feel prepared for the work we do together with you. Whether you’re coming for communication issues or conflict resolution, learning to parent better together, discussing how to handle finances from the same page, infidelity, or something else, we’re here to help. We hope to help your marriage become a God-honoring union, that is a blessing to both of you, and those who know you.

  1. When counseling with couples, we don’t take sides.  Of course you each own part of the responsibility for the situation, and we don’t like to be part of blame games, because it won’t help.
  2. We know that the two of you have been together and have known each other far longer than your counselor.  You two are the experts on your relationship.
  3. We are experts in relationships and we can help your relationship become healthy in most situations.  We are able to help you find healthier styles of interacting together, and find ways to forgive and repair your relationship when that is needed.
  4. We are solution-oriented, and want to help you be better spouses to each other, and better parents, if that applies to you.
  5. If only one person wants the marriage to get better, we can still be helpful.  We call it marriage counseling with one person on the couch.
  6. It’s always an easier process if both of you come for marriage counseling, and both of you want your marriage to go the distance.
  7. Though marriage counseling is confidential, we don’t think it’s helpful to keep secrets between spouses.  Our goal is to establish trust and safety between spouses so that you can share life without secrets.
  8. Unfaithfulness is heartbreaking, but if you both want help, we have seen marriages heal from even this most devastating betrayal.
  9. Marriages require time and effort.  Those who spend less time together often have more misunderstandings.  Part of the homework we’ll give you is to spend time together and find ways to enjoy each other’s company again.
  10. Most communication problems require better listening by both spouses.  We can help you learn how to do this well.
  11. Just like your vehicle needs gas and oil changes, your marriage needs maintenance.  Don’t wait until it’s a crisis to get counseling!  The road back to health is shorter if you’ve regularly maintained your relationship with each other.
  12. God does great work on our character through the process of marriage.  Your spouse holds up the mirror for you, and shows you what they see.  God refines spouses through marriage and draws us to Himself in the process.Click here, or call us today to set an appointment for Marriage Counseling today!