Fort Collins Life Coach

Jeff comes alongside his clients to help them align their deepest held values with their praxis (the act of living out one’s beliefs), empowering them to navigate and improve the areas of their lives where they may not be meeting personal and objective expectations.  Jeff coaches men, women and teenagers in (but not limited to) the areas of:

  • Adult ADHD/ADD Coaching – Post Diagnosis Consultation, Prioritization, Time Management, Relational challenges, Unexpected side-effects of Meds, etc.
  • Men’s Issues –  Nurturing Masculinity, Identity in Family/Faith/Culture, Rites of Passage, Pornography, Developing Healthy Intimacy, Sexual Identity.
  • Relationship Coaching – Dating to Engagement, Engagement to Marriage, Overcoming the “7 year itch,” Empty nesting, Divorce recovery.
  • Vocational Coaching – Dissatisfaction with current career/job, Discernment of new career path, Development of current career path to match with life goals/direction.
  • Transition Coaching– Work (in and out of), Relocation, Educational (Entry to or graduation from HS/College/Grad School), Loss of a partner/spouse/friend.

Porn Addiction Help

If you, your husband, or someone else you know is wrestling with pornography addiction or use – whether they’re heterosexual or homosexual, male or female – then give Jeff a call.  His comprehensive plan helps users establish new ways of thinking, new behavioral patterns, new approaches that help in the process of self-love and forgiveness,  and determine a Christ centered plan to push porn use to the side, turn a weakness into strength and make porn use a thing of the past – once and for all. Sound too good to be true? Set an appointment today and find out how the system works.

Jeff earned his Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary with a focus on Family Life Education. He served 13 years in vocational ministry (4 years with Young Life and 9 years in pastoral ministry – Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Church Planter), and earned his CPC (Certified Professional Coach designation) from the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching.

He has offered pastoral counseling to numerous couples, (for pre-engaged, engaged and married couples) – if you’re in need of a tune-up, a check-up or an alignment for a “true and tested engine,” Jeff can help point you in the direction of healthy relational dynamics, overcoming solvable problems and nurturing the life and depth of your relationship together.

For Adult ADHD/ADD help, Jeff offers assistance in establishing time management skills and understanding how to prioritize, determining whether meds are the right answer and understanding the unexpected side-effects of taking them.

You can reach Jeff via email ( or at 970.818.0818.

Forms For Jeff

New Client Intake Forms:
Prior to your first counseling or coaching session, please print the following forms (Choose either Adult Forms or the Minor forms if the client is under 18 years old). Please fill out and bring them to your first session (to save time during your visit). If you are a couple coming for counseling, you will each need to fill out one of the Interview Form for Adults, these are the last 4 pages of the Adult forms

Jeff Englehorn Adult FormsAll Ages Jeff Englehorn Minor FormsHigh School/Middle School AgedJeff Englehorn Minor FormsElementary/Preschool Aged