In Light of the Rockies’ work with children, the first session is always held with one or both parents.  After that, sessions are held with a brief time to talk with the parent at the beginning and end of each session, with the majority of the time spent with the child in therapy.

LotR has a play-therapy room at the office for working with young children up through age 12.  For older children, we sometimes use sand-tray-play-therapy, and play various games (Uno, Sorry, a dice story game) while we talk through the issues the child is dealing with.  Art therapy is sometimes utilized as well.  Whatever the child needs to talk through, it is our goal to help the child feel comfortable and open.

Our counselors are also available to work with parents on learning to understand their children’s needs, as well as working with both parents in their skills to co-parent (for married & divorced parents), and do sessions in which the whole family engages in a time of family therapy.