Have you found yourself saying:
“It feels like all we do is fight”
“I don’t think I will ever trust him/her again”
“It feels like we are just two adults who share a child and happen to live together”
“Whatever I try to do, it is never good enough”
“I don’t know how much longer I can live like this”
If any of these statements sounds familiar, you are not alone. This is what you probably already
know: Relationships can be extremely difficult. However, the good news is God has brought
you together with your spouse for a Divine Purpose AND if you are willing, God can restore any
hurt and area of brokenness.
As a pastor and as a professional counselor, I have met many couples seeking relief from the
conflicts that attack their relationship. What you can expect from me is to first build a sense of
rapport and trust with you and your spouse and to create a safe place for both to share honestly. I
will take time to listen intently to your presenting issue(s) and offer hope through specific skills,
insights, and prayer. Some common skills I like to share with couples are:
• Turning conflict into opportunities for intimacy
• Communicating with your partner with grace and truth
• Setting personal and family boundaries
• Validate feelings and solve problems
• Creating space for forgiveness and reconciliation
In Matthew 19:26, Jesus said, “For you this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
If it is feeling impossible to you, don’t give up hope. Whether your relationship “just needs a
tune-up” or you are on the brink of “calling it quits” counseling may be just the call you need to
If you would like to speak with me for a free phone consultation, I can be reached directly at:
(970) 581-8769 or email at: Darren@lightoftherockies.com