One of my favorite endeavors in counseling is to come alongside parents and families, providing support and practical solutions for their current struggle.  Each season of parenting presents distinctive challenges that require a fresh set of tools and perspective to steward a child’s journey well.  I have both personal and professional experience with children who might be more perplexing than others, creating a need for unique resources and strategies.  

My approach to parenting extends beyond behavior management, as one of my therapeutic goals is to maintain the heart connection my clients have with their child.  At times, this critical connection may be in need of repair and family counseling can be advantageous in creating space for restoration to occur.  Likewise, I often assist blended families to put systems in place that facilitate healthy communication and successful co-parenting.  Your family is unique, and my treatment approach will vary based upon your relational dynamic and personal goals.

Areas I partner with parents/families:

  • Practical Parenting Solutions
  • Adoption & Foster Parenting
  • The Impact of ADHD/OCD/ODD  
  • Maintaining Emotional Regulation
  • Incongruent Parenting Styles
  • Single Parenting
  • Blended Families & Co-Parenting
  • The “Suddenly” Seasons of Crisis

For questions regarding payment, insurance we can bill, or a fee based upon your annual income please call the front desk at (970) 484-1735.

If you would like to set up an appointment or have any questions regarding counseling, you may reach me on my personal business line at (970) 590-8474.  I look forward to connecting!