Joyce Williams began her counseling career in 1977.   She founded Light of the Rockies Christian Counseling Center in 1994.  She believes that professional Christian Counseling is a ministry that not only benefits the client and their family but strengthens the body of Christ as a whole as people become better equipped to live at their potential emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Joyce has a high level of experience in the following areas.

  • Abuse—Adult survivors of childhood abuse whether emotional, physical or sexual abuse are able to find healing for the wounds experienced in homes that were unsafe.  Likewise those who are victims of abuse in dating or marriage also can overcome the pain and suffering of these experiences.
  • Addiction—Substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) is not the only kind of addiction.  Pornography, gambling, video games, television, are just a few examples of addictive behavior that can have a serious negative impact on individuals’ lives. Counseling is one tool God can use to bring freedom to those struggling with addiction.
  • Eating Disorders—Anorexia and Bulimia and associated behaviors such as cutting are on the rise.  Professional help is for the individual and their family can make all the difference in the recovery process.
  • Grief Counseling—Grief is a response to any life changing loss including death, divorce, loss of a job, moving to a new location.
  • Marriage Counseling—Whether to help make a good relationship better or to work through a crisis counseling, marriage counseling can provide the assistance needed.
  • Trauma—Post Traumatic Stress can severely interfere with the ability to function. Joyce is trained in EMDR and other modalities to help individuals who have experienced trauma.
  • Spiritual Abuse—When an individual has been hurt through an affiliation with a church their foundational beliefs can be shaken causing anxiety, depression, and loss. Counseling can be valuable in assisting the client redefine their values and restoring faith.

Joyce was married to her husband Keith in 1970.  During the first 23 years of their marriage Keith was an Air Force officer.  As they moved from state to state Joyce had the opportunity to gain professional experience in variety of clinical settings.  They have lived in Fort Collins since 1993.  They have two grown children and one grandchild.

Forms For Joyce

New Client Intake Forms:
Prior to your first counseling or coaching session, please print the following forms (Choose either Adult Forms or the Minor forms if the client is under 18 years old). Please fill out and bring them to your first session (to save time during your visit). If you are a couple coming for counseling, you will each need to fill out one of the Interview Form for Adults, these are the last 4 pages of the Adult forms

Joyce Williams Adult FormsAge 18+ Joyce Williams Minor FormsHigh School/Middle School Aged Joyce Williams Minor FormsElementary/Preschool Aged