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Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling in Fort Collins: Marriage, Family, & Individual Therapy

Welcome to Light of the Rockies Christian Counseling Center, where we support those seeking solace and strength through faith-based counseling. You may be feeling lost in the storm of life, balancing a demanding career, family pressures, and everything in between. Our Christian therapy services weave the wisdom of scripture with the insights of modern psychology. Discover a path to wellness that honors your spiritual journey.

Integrating Faith and Mental Wellness in Fort Collins

We believe in the strong connection between faith and mental health. Our Christian therapists are not only clinically skilled but deeply rooted in their faith. We blend biblical principles with effective therapeutic techniques. Here, you will find a safe space to explore life’s challenges, guided by grace, compassion, and understanding.

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Feeling ready to take that step towards healing and hope? Let’s start this journey together, hand in hand, towards a future where you feel empowered, healed, and whole again.

Our Christian Counseling Services

You probably already have pastoral guidance, which is why we won’t preach to you or remind you what the Bible says about your decisions. What we will do is support you as you explore the role of your Christianity in your mental health journey. Begin your journey to inner peace with specialized biblical counseling and insightful, Christian-focused sessions.

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy sessions provide a private, supportive environment where you can explore personal struggles with a counselor who respects your journey and your relationship with Jesus. We can incorporate prayer and scripture reading while tackling emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

Family Therapy

Families find new ways to communicate, resolve conflicts, and grow closer through our Christian family counseling services. We help each member voice their needs and concerns, fostering understanding and unity within the family unit.

Christian Marriage Counseling

Strengthen your marriage with couples counseling that respects the covenant you share. Our Christian marriage and premarital counseling focuses on resolving conflicts, enhancing communication, and deepening your connections with each other and the lord.

Youth and Teen Counseling

Christian counselors can provide teens with a listening ear and a guiding hand as they deal with issues like anxiety, depression, and peer pressure in a way that aligns with their religion. Younger children can benefit through art and play therapy, giving them an outlet to express themselves at their level of communication.


Walking With You Through Faith

Life can get heavy, and it’s difficult to balance the pressures of work, home life, and friendships. For many individuals, spiritual beliefs are a source of comfort, offering a deep well of hope when things get dark. Our office in Fort Collins, CO is a welcoming space where clients from Northern Colorado and beyond feel understood and supported. Our therapists offer faith-based wisdom and psychological expertise, helping you explore your issues from a Christian perspective without judgment.

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Move Toward Hope and Healing

Feeling weighed down by mental health struggles or curveballs life has thrown you? You may benefit from the guidance and support of a Christian counselor.

We’ve been honored to provide affordable mental health care in Northern Colorado since 1994. Our skilled and passionate therapists currently provide individual therapy, child and teen therapy, couples counseling, and family therapy. Our therapists work from a variety of different therapeutic approaches and have specializations in many different areas, which allows us to better serve the many different needs of our community.



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