Our vision at Light of the Rockies is to provide quality, affordable mental health care to the Northern Colorado region and interns are an important part of that vision! We are excited to offer two different types of internship opportunities at Light of the Rockies:

Bachelor’s Level Interns

If you are interested in our Bachelor’s level internship please contact our Operations Manager, Tori Roberts, at tori@lightoftherockies.com 

Master’s Level Interns

Here at Light of the Rockies we are blessed with a dynamic team of therapists who are passionate about seeing the people of Northern Colorado healthy and thriving in every area of their lives. Interns on our staff are an integral part of our vision to provide affordable mental health to those in the Northern Colorado region. We have therapists on staff who are excited to supervise and speak into the lives of the next generation of therapists. Our goal is to be a part of “growing up” new therapists with the highest level of integrity, ethics, and professionalism who offer compassionate and effective care to their clients. We have the added benefit of having supervisors who are LPC’s and LMFT’s which gives us the opportunity to take on interns in programs centered around Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family programs. 

Our interns can expect to be challenged, empowered, and well supported as they grow into confident counselors. Our interns are able to experience a wide variety of clients, both in age and in mental health concerns, as well as gain a solid understanding of the nuances involved in private practice. Our interns benefit from having a large team of therapists, who specialize in a wide variety of modalities and mental health concerns, at their fingertips eager to offer support and insight. If you would like to be part of this amazing team please contact our Intern Coordinator, Kathryn Hughey, at kathryn@lightoftherockies.com

*Please include a cover letter and resume with your email! *

Please note that due to our policy we cannot hire interns who have been a client of Light of the Rockies within 2 years.