At Light of the Rockies, we have a heart to pour into the next generation of counselors.  Interns are working toward their master’s degrees, under the supervision of an experienced licensed therapist.  At times, interns will sit in on counseling sessions to observe therapists who are already licensed.  When we have an intern, they hold a bachelor’s degree, and are also working to complete their Masters degree in a counseling field.

After an intern graduates with their Masters degree, it takes at least 2 years of supervised work to become a licensed counselor, and 2000 hours of experience.  The letters after their name will state LPCC (Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate).  Those counselors also are receiving supervision from a licensed therapist at our center, to receive their license.

Fees: At our counseling center, you can use insurance to help pay for your counseling, or you can utilize a sliding fee scale to see one of our regular counselors who have completed their Masters degree.  When we have a scholarship fund available (which is provided by donations from churches and donors) we are able to offer scholarships for those who are in financial hardship.  If you are not able to afford to see one of our counselors, at times, we have an intern who is able to see clients at a reduced rate below our sliding fee scale.  Interns have limited availability because they are still completing their coursework.  When you call to schedule, we can let you know if there is any intern availability.

Currently Considering New Interns. If interested, contact us today! 

If interested, please note that due to our policy we cannot hire interns who have been a client of Light of the Rockies within 2 years.